Claim Your Key to Divine Knowing

There is a profound and important lie at the heart of a lot of spiritual teaching in our world right now. That lie says: There is one right way to know the Divine. And I/we have the answer for YOU! "Do what we do!" say the folks who claim to know, and you'll be just fine! 


After spending 7 years in deep practice of Kundalini Yoga, 4 years at a Sufi Healing School, 5 years religiously practicing Transcendental Meditation, 4 years using and teaching the tools of Access Consciousness and now 3 years working in the Akashic Records, I know ONE THING FOR SURE:

Your path to knowing the divine, getting clear guidance from it, and feeling light, free, and happy is UNIQUE to YOU.

During this 6 Week Online Class, each week, we will:

  • Begin with a group healing and spiritual teaching for the entire class from the Akashic Records (through me)

  • Open each student's records in class, one at a time, and discover YOUR UNIQUE way of connecting with the Divine, getting guidance, and knowing yourself more deeply.

  • Clear/Heal all of the blocks and limitations of mind, body, spirit YOU have to connecting with and knowing the Divine AS IT EXISTS FOR YOU.

  • Get all of your questions answered about YOUR UNIQUE spiritual path directly from Source, itself.

  • Have a fun freaking time doing so.

This class happens quarterly. $400 for the 6 week class

Next class starts March 28. 6 Saturdays 1-3pm Pacific. Reserve your spot here.

What are people saying?

I wanted to to write and thank you for the healing class the other night. It was miraculous and amazing. I got complete healing and I just wanted to let you know that my pain level has gone way way way down. That's really encouraging to me!!!!  Thank you for your time that you spent working with me and all of the rest of the women that were there. It was absolutely mind blowing!!! I also completely broke through the victim mentality that I had held onto.   I gained so much from that one night. I am filled with so much gratitude!!

- Amy Clover

OMG Katie!  I was so stuck before our session with not knowing which way to move forward in my business. Your reading helped me get SO clear on my message and my niche. It was mega helpful and I am already booked for some online speaking gigs.  The power of your transmission healed any place of doubt. So grateful! Thank you!

- Mary halima Fleming

I am so grateful for Katie Rubin's healing classes, that for real taught me how to handle and let go of pain/trauma/sorrows/shit, in a way I have never done before. I am truly a lighter, happier person today, and I handle my stuff instead of woo-wooing it away. I deal with it and then it is gone. Gone. Take her class for a real life changing way of healing yourself. 🙏✨💕

Oh, one more thing: it is never about the One True Healing Technique. In Katie Rubin class I have deapened my knowledge of my own healing capacities and techniques, and understand which ones works best when. Always asking "what will help me most right now?" gets you there. 

Thank you for your feedback in class last night. Your feedback has a way of being very practical and useful because it is specific, while at the same time giving me great insight because you also manage to relay a bigger picture back to me and my work. I really appreciate you as a teacher, Katie.

- Wera Von Wulfen

I haven't slept more than 3 hours in a single night in ten years.  Last night, after our session, I slept. THE ENTIRE NIGHT. I don't know how you did that.  But I want more. THANK YOU, Katie!!!!

- Gracie Miller

Katie is one of the most powerful energy healers and intuitive guides I've ever worked with, and I have worked with many over the years. I came to her when I was struggling to release some really old shame and false beliefs—ideas that I had gone over in therapy, and even addressed with other energy workers, but had never truly released. Right at the beginning of our session, she intuited where the stuck energy was located in my body (not where I thought it was), which helped me connect with it for the first time without shame and without pushing it away. Then, in that same session, she helped me release it from a really deep place. I immediately felt lighter, more connected, and unburdened of some deep and unnecessary shame that had been with me for years. Katie is an extremely gifted healer whom I cannot recommend more highly!

- Lynea Diaz Hagan

I love you. I love you for pushing me toward my truth. I love you for calling me out on my layers of denial. I love your ongoing commitment to spiritual awareness and connection, and that you share that journey and inspire others, inspire me.


I can’t stop thinking about our conversation last night. And previous conversations about where I am right now. My eyes are a little more open. Looking at how I have buried things without even realizing it is the revelation. The reality of me - who I am now and where that is in relation to who I want to be - is seeping in.


Thank you Katie Rubin. I am so glad you are in my life - for so many reasons. You are a gift to me and to this world.