"As an artist and as a human being, she consistently proved to me that she was as invested in my growth and development just as much as I was."

- Christian O'Neil, Actor

I offer coaching in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Below are descriptions of each of the types of coaching I do. 

Please do ask if you are interested in something that doesn't quite match what you see below.



In a Psychic or Channeled Akashic Coaching Session with Katie, you may arrive to the call with as many questions as you would like to ask the Beings of Light in the realm of Consciousness called "The Akasha."  The more specific your questions are, the better.  

Katie will then open her awareness into the Akashic Records beyond them, into the realm of The All That Is, listen to your questions, and respond with the guidance she receives from The Divine Itself, Your Higher Self, The Akashic Beings of Light or whatever aspects of the Divine desire to speak or contribute to you in the moment.

Again, the more specific your questions are, the better. Coaching sessions can be about (but are not limited to) any of the following topics:

  • Professional Life

  • Business Coaching

  • Personal Life

  • Love/Romance

  • Healing

  • Family Dynamics

  • Wellness/Illness/Injury

  • Physical Traumas

  • etc.


  • Have you always wanted to create a solo show? 

  • Would you like to move forward with your book, article, blog, videos, or any other written or performative project? 

  • Could you use specific, intelligent, considerate feedback on your work from a working professional? 

  • Do deadlines help you get your writing done? 

  • Do you need help knowing if your words are "working?"  

  • Do you need assistance with editing? 

  • Are you stuck at the beginning, middle, or ending stages of one or more writing projects? 

  • Do you have a ton of ideas and no idea how to organize them? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you prefer focused, private attention on your writing, private writing coaching with Katie is for you.  

What are people saying?

Working with Katie has been really enlightening. Katie has the gift of being able to see exactly what you need and of being able to give you the exact feedback you need, quite directly. She does so without judgement but with a pure candor that gives you the truth that others are not able or are not willing to give you.


We first met when I took an acting class with her at ACT. I instantly recognized her as an incredible teacher. She has an amazing ability to create a space where you can be vulnerable. She kinda sees through you, to who you are, and is able to recognize issues that prevent you from being you.


After being in Katie's classes I have realized especially in creation and performance there is a lot of the self that interferes with the creative process. Katie not only helped me realize the problem plaguing my process but also structured exercises and approaches to help me break through those walls. She is also just an amazing and hilarious individual and is a pleasure to be around.


Honestly, I say do whatever you can to take a class with Katie because it will move you, develop you, inspire you and make you think differently.

- Oleg Trofimov, Actor/Engineer

Katie - you are so awesome to work with!  Here's what I would say about you to other people:  Katie gets to know you, and gains a really good understanding of where you are at in your specific, personal, creative process.  She is able to push you in an encouraging and artistic ways that I would never predict, always keeping me on my toes, inspired, and engaged.   I would definitely recommend her as a teacher to anyone!

- Mei-Li Restani

Taking on Katie Rubin as your instructor guarantees you one thing:  she will be in your corner.  As an artist and as a human being, she consistently proved to me that she was as invested in my growth and development just as much as I was.  I had essentially no formal acting instruction coming into my time with her but everything from text work to developing command over my body was easily digestible because of her style and how effective of a communicator she is.  Nothing is overly complicated but honesty with yourself and with her is crucial.  She is going to work hard and be objective.  You just need to make sure that you will too.

- Christian O'Neil, Actor

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