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It’s a song

It’s a show

It’s a play


It’s a joke

It’s a tale

It’s a way

forward through time and space

This piece is Wisdom from a Brilliant Dunce. It's...

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Jan 21 & 22 | 8pm |

Beacon Performing Arts Center

327B Main Street Beacon, NY 12508

a solo performance by Master Healer, Katie Rubin

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In this solo performance, Healer-Performer Katie Rubin uses Ariana Grande's prompt:  "You'll believe God is a Woman" to inspire the telling of the most incredible stories of her recent past.  


Her life is shocking, surprising and odd, and has both nothing and everything to do with "God."  What do sex with women, Sufi Mystics and EFT have in common?  They are utterances, moans and grunts.  They form a unique sentence that confronts.  They are, in fact, everything all at once.