If you do no yet have what you want financially.

If "The Secret" didn't or doesn't work for you.

If you're sick of your vision boards not working for you.

If "visualizing your future" has brought you nothing.

The reason is...

You probably have one or more of these:

1. stuck or unprocessed trauma
2. stuck karmic energy
3. past life traumas, vows, or contracts
4. entity interference
5. limiting beliefs (yours, your family's or the culture's)
6. stuck or unprocessed old emotions

Until those stuck energies are gone, you cannot visualize or think or pray your way to financial ease, flow and abundance. Period.
You can "WORK HARD."
You can "PUSH."
You can "Make it happen."

But do you actually desire to work that hard? And has working that way actually been working for you?


In this class, we will clear as much of all that stuck energy as possible.

All you need to bring is:

Clarity about What You Desire Financially
A Willingness to Have Clarity About What You Desire Financially
A Willingness to feel your feelings as the energies clear in class


let's do this.

Let's get you heading toward your financial abundance NOW. And with ease.

Financial Abundance Through the Akashic Records

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