Star Beings

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Every Religion and Spiritual System on Earth has, at its core, Star Seed Origins.

The Star Nations delivered to Earth the energetic imprinting for how to liberate the body/mind/heart of the human being.

Human beings then turned those imprints, those energies into the rules and dogmas of Religion and Mysticism.

Religion, originally, was meant to support, sustain and contain the mystical teachings and practices which were then meant to initiate mystics (aka everyone who desired to know God directly for him/herself) into the being able to receive the original Star Codes brought through by the Star Nations.

At this moment in humanity's evolution, we are ready, those of us who so desire it, to receive direct transmission of these original Star Codes.

Some of us are even meant to keep those star codes and the vibrational frequencies of the Star Beings and Star Nations alive.

We are meant to hold and transmit the very High Vibrational Energies of The Star Beings and Star Nations for the sake of the up-leveling, healing, integration, and awakening of the consciousness of Humanity, Gaia, and Consciousness Itself.

In this 3-Day Healing and Vibration-Raising Retreat, we will:

  • Open the Akashic Records of the Group each morning.

  • Invite in the Star Nations, one at a time, that desire to contribute high vibrational healing and up-leveling energies to our particular group.

  • Receive their codes, codexes, imprints, DNA re-sequencing, clearings, purifications, and full molecular re-integrations.

  • During this retreat, you will experience:

  • Profound, life-changing healing of the body, mind, spirit

  • The Clearing of Long-Held Limiting Beliefs

  • The Removal of Blocks, Stopping and Sticking Points

  • The Healing and Re-Integration of Trauma and childhood wounding

  • The Removal and Clearing of Past Life Injuries and Karma



Integration time through journaling practices with journaling prompts will be given to help you integrate all that you will experience.


And finally, we will be taking participants on a Night Watch where our guides to the Stars will illuminate for us which lights in the Sky are planets/Stars, and which are actually UFO's.

Prepare to be...

  • amazed

  • inspired

  • changed

  • up-leveled

  • de-programmed

  • and awakened more deeply to the nature of your true self

Be prepared to...

  • experience radical transformationand

  • to witness surprising, miraculous Star-Being-Related events


November 6 - 4pm Mountain Time to

November 8 - 4pm Mountain Time​ 



Mancos, CO (Private Residence)

Address will be provided after registration

Katie Rubin

Master Healer


We have discounted hotel pricing. If you are curious, email us


Air Travel is not included. Nearest Airport is Durango Airport. Shuttles to and from class are included. More travel details will be provided soon. 


Feel free to reach out...

Katie Rubin